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Benefits of using ketamine treatment you did not know before

Recently, ketamine has provided solutions and hope for countless patients with psychological problems. If used properly, this anaesthetic drug is now the key to enjoying peace of mind. Are you wondering about the options for ketamine therapy at home? Read on to understand more about this choice and its importance for your psychological health and wellness.

Benefits of Ketamine Treatment

There are numerous benefits that can come with proper use of ketamine infusion treatments. These benefits make this specific treatment approach more effective and successful compared to other ketamine treatment methods. These benefits include:

Improving neurotransmitters

The secret behind ketamine’s efficiency in treating depression and other complex mental problems is synaptogenesis. Ketamine works on improving NMDA (n-mythel-D-aspartate) receptors in the patient’s nervous system. NMDA is also known as a glutamate receptor. The presence of glutamate receptors leads to improvements in another set of receptors known as AMPA receptors. These two together improve the connection between neurons and gradually lead to a positive impact on the mood and mental state.

decreasing levels of inflammation

Many studies indicate that inflammation levels are directly connected to severe depression and anxiety. Studies show a direct link between inflammation and mood swings. Typically, inflammation causes the brain to send out signals that could elevate feelings of stress and mood disorders.

If a patient’s body responds well to ketamine treatment, this can lead to a significant decrease in inflammation levels. Relieving the severity of inflammation will improve your mood.

Availability in various forms

Ketamine treatment is available in different forms. This makes it accessible for different kinds of patients. You can only get IV ketamine treatment from a medical facility due to the required preparations and the long sessions. However, you can get ketamine treatment at home if you opt for specific tablets. This form of treatment is called ketamine lozenges.

In addition to shots and tablets, you can find nasal sprays that contain ketamine. This is an FDA-approved form for treating mental disorders. But studies refer to its lack of efficiency in treating disorders like bipolar, anxiety, or depression. This is why medical caretakers recommend using this spray along with standard antidepressants. This combination can lead to a better result compared to using antidepressants or the spray alone.

Minimum side effects

If you do not misuse the ketamine treatment, you should not worry about any side effects. The treatment does not terminally affect blood pressure or heart rate. Unless you already have an issue with high blood pressure, you will have nothing to worry about. If ketamine is used as an anesthetic, it is completely safe, provided the right dose is used. Also, as a treatment for psychological disorders, ketamine is not supposed to mess with your body balance. But keep in mind that some people turn to ketamine to disconnect from their realities and depend on it as a drug substance. In this case, it can lead to addiction, hallucinations, and body dissociation.

If you decide to choose at home ketamine treatment, it is best to get it from a reliable provider. This can guarantee the quality of treatment and the presence of medical support and guidance while using the treatment course.

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